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9'0 CI Log

$ 995.00 USD $ 1,695.00 USD

The CI Log is a finely tuned traditional longboard shape (aka “log”) resulting from a long-time collaboration between surfer Devon Howard and master shaper Wayne Rich. Setting out with a goal of building the best log they’d ever ridden; they were inspired to create a balanced longboard that could do it all—from tip to tail—at the very highest levels of performance possible.

 Staying true to the traditional longboard genre, the CI Log has no edge in the tail—which in part helps facilitate the board’s incredible hold and sense of control one will feel while blasting through sections on the nose. To offset the tail drag, boggy nature soft railed longboards are notorious for, Wayne added a unique low apex rail to provide more drive, sensitivity, and certainty through turns than a typical “log” design would offer.

The board’s overall performance characteristics are enhanced by having a wide hipped outline just behind the center point, giving riders added leverage to effortlessly swing the board around for setting up noserides or if wanting to ride in and around the pocket with ease, speed and control. The blunted nose design is intentional: It allows the front of the CI Log to be somewhat narrow 12” back from the tip which helps it fit easier into a high, tight pocket while at the same time provide plenty of surface area for you to comfortably perch all 10.  So, whether looking to fly down a reeling point wave, make quick direction changes at a crunchy beach break, or wanting some cruisy tip time at a mellow reef, the CI Log is reliably versatile and excels in a wide range of conditions.