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9'0 Walden PU

$ 1,250.00 USD
Fin System
Starting in 2002, Walden Surfboards was the first company to design an entire line of surfboards just for women, we didn't simply add a token pink surfboard to our existing men's line but rather we created an entire range of surfboards designed and shaped specifically for women. 

The Walden Wahine surfboard is as functional as it is beautiful, the collection is based on the Original Magic Model, a high performance longboard meant for all wave types and all levels of surfers. We modified the Walden Wahine's slightly, the dimensions are thinned out and narrowed to better fit a women's frame. The Magic Model is the original modern longboard, it has been our best selling surfboard since the early 80‘s. The number one question we get asked about the Magic Model is what makes it work so well. We try to simplify the design into three parts that every Magic Model has:  1.The Magic hull 2.Magic rocker 3.Magic rails

The Magic hull is unique, the front 1/2 of the hull is concave, this single concave transitions into a double concave in the rear 1/3 and ends towards the tail, that has a moderate “V”. The concave nose adds lift and stability, perfect for nose riding. The double concaved hull and hard rails make the board fast, stabile, responsive and maneuverable in all conditions. The Magic rails are hard, they tend to be harder than most other longboards, the unique bottom curve & bevels keep the rails from catching like most other hard rail boards. The Magic Model has a full rocker resulting in more tail maneuverability and more control when nose-riding. The combination of these design elements that Steve has perfected over the years has resulted in one of the best selling longboards of all time. The Magic Model is an all around high performance surfboard that rides just as great in small surf as it does in big surf. The Magic Model is the right choice for every level of surfer too. The Magic Model is so unique it even has a patented hull design.
We recommend this board for: Everyone. This is the board for most people in most conditions. Available in poly only. Fin set up is 2+1.