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6'1 Pyzel Highline Futures

$ 815.00 USD
Fin System

Designed to excel in average-to-good waves, and based off our popular and versatile “74” model (winner of Dane Reynolds’ 2016 Stab in the Dark)



We left the rocker unchanged, but updated the foil and outline to fit our idea of a modern HPSB.



The bottom features a medium/high nose rocker and medium tail rocker for extra drive in sluggish conditions. It has single concave all the way through the bottom, blended with a double concave between the fins. These combinations of contours and curves generate lift for quick acceleration, holding speed and drive, and help the board roll from rail to rail with ease.



The outline widepoint is just back from center and it has a pronounced hip that adds drive while creating a pivot point that allows for snappy, vertical surfing.



As with the “74”, the deck is slightly flatter than our other boards, with more volume pushed out towards the rail. The rail itself is refined, not boxy, keeping it sensitive and easy to push through turns.



When compared to our Radius model (as these two are similar to each other in our range), the Radius has more overall rocker and is more suited to punchy waves with some curve in the face.



The High Line’s rocker is slightly flatter, nose and tail, and thus tends to hold more speed in weaker waves and carry speed through flatter waves more easily, while still having enough rocker to allow for easy vertical surfing.



Additionally the Highline stock sizing has a bit more width and volume per size (most are about ½ to 1 liter more volume) so that adds float and carry in smaller waves.



To put it simply the High Line is a great high-performance board for good to below-average waves. It will help you make the most of your everyday surfs and elevate your surfing performance.


We recommend you ride it at anywhere from an inch under to an inch over your height and at your favorite performance surfboard volume.