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6'0 3.0 Stub Thumb Futures

$ 755.00 USD
Fin System

A low end/high performance, smaller wave-ripping machine.
The 3.0_STUB is a direct derivative of the DRIVER3.0. Building upon the stoke and success of 2023’s 3.0STUB_Driver, we wanted
to expand and extend the offering in this user friendly high performance player.
The easiest and most obvious, way to do so, by making it available as a “Stubbed Thumb” tail. The round, or “Thumb” tail, has
soared in popularity, recently, in the performance surfing world, with most World Tour and even Challenger Series surfers, opting
for its no frills, predictable and precise mannerisms. The first Stubbed Thumbs I made were for my son, River and then went up from
there. All the way to the big boss, Kolohe Andino, who is currently using as his go-to shortboard.
Design Updates:
•Reduction of surface area, by transitioning from bump squash to “Thumb” tail
•Slightly pulled in nose
•Slightly thinned out tail…that about it.
•Same rocker and concave. Same rails and overall design concept.
A stepped-down and “stubbed”, low end/high
performance, smaller wave-ripping machine.
The Thumb tail tends to fit more effortlessly into
small pockets on quick dumpy sections, than the
squash tail can. It also offers better hold when
served up a high-speed wall with opportunities for
an open face carve. Perfect for small kinky beach
break and good for arcing into head high walls
with confidence. More predictable hold and more
precise, when offered a bit more juice, but not
those pumping days.
That was the goal and that is the result.