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5'6 Lost Ripper FCS II

$ 760.00 USD
Fin System


A rip-roaring, radically fun, small wave slasher, carved out from the ridiculously popular Rad Ripper. A board designed to violently shred everyday, average surf and leave neon ’80s nostalgia dying on the sand.

The RIPPER loves to be surfed aggressively, off the tail. The low rocker and wide tail block relish rear foot pressure, driving, snapping, and carving harder the more aggressively it’s ridden. More modest or casual surfers will also enjoy its built-in speed and the ease of directional changes enabled by the double concave vee.

Ride about the same size as your original Rad Ripper but with a touch less foam for a cheeky feeling or easily go a bit longer if you want to cruise and enjoy.