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5'6 Lost Pisces

$ 775.00 USD
Fin System

The “PISCES” represents our vision of the fish as an all-around performance vehicle, effortlessly efficient as an everyday board. Bad waves, good waves, mid-level surfers, elite pros... and every wave (and everyone) in between.

Over time, an almost completely new species of fish evolved.
  A new species of PISCES.
An evolving design, focused on eliminating the stigma of arrested development in
the post-modern fish genre.
Embracing all that came before and bridging the gap forward.
Turn tighter in the pocket, carve perpendicular on the face, fin-free control in the lip,
and still skate freely across the flats.
Born from the repeatedly proven #RNF96. Refinements include:
•A more pulled-in nose, with added rocker up front and flatter between the
•Deeper concave through the mid-section and increased curve through the
rail-line rocker, under the rear foot.
•A mellow wing, aligned to work with the front fins.
•Five fin boxes, for multiple options: Quad, Twin+2, Twin+1, straight Twin, for
you loosey-goosey, cool kids, and even a Thruster, for you diehards.
•Additional vee to the swallow tips and a scooped-out deckline in the tail that
more closely mirrors the bottom curve and brings improved pocket control.
•With these adjustments, we’ve created a souped-up, sleeked-down hot-rod
that raises the level of precision and maneuverability, without jeopardizing
speed and stability.
•Hell, it might even be faster.