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5'5 Retro Tripper

$ 850.00 USD
Fin System

The RETRO TRIPPER is inspired by the desire for a short and wide, with plenty of glide, fish alternative, for surfing punchy and powerful waves with confidence and control. It’s wide (Beaked) nose, winged pin tail, mellow retro-rocker, flat deck and steep downward rails, combined with Twin+1 fin set-up, excels in good waves, powerful waves, hollow waves, fast waves and big waves, but is still wide and skatey enough for every day fun.

Developed in early 2021, first for myself as a board for smaller days on an early season Salina Cruz, March strike mission. My first one worked well, with room to improve, so I made another for April in The Mentawais, while back on the move. At the same time, inspired by my own, we made a few more, for some team riders around home.

STAB Electric Acid came with a call, so we made two for the siblings Ho, glassed on fins and all. From these early prototypes, feedback was made…and by July ’21, on the road to El Salvador…hoping they passed the grade. With Coco Ho and Luke Davis as the ponies, we scored solid surf and realized The Retro Tripper was money!

Based off the RetroRipper chassis, but significantly shorter (with lower entry rocker), thicker, wider and with a forward outline. RETRO TRIPPER is similar to our classic #MonkFish-round pin, ridden by Cory Lopez, in his seminal Skeleton Bay segment, from 5’5” Redux. The Flat deck, forward outline and foil, steep downward rails and wide outline make for a stable, easy paddling momentum making machine. The bottom curves, with a soft rolled vee up front, blending to the slightest of single concave though center and gradually receding to a double concaved vee in the tail, combine with a curvy tail rocker and wing enhanced reduction of surface area. These elements align for a forgiving and precise ride than negates the significant volume and allows nimble surfing and high speed and in critical sections.

Wether tossed in the bag for a “TRIP”, paddled out for punchy local beach break mornings, or saved for lined up days at the closest pumping point break, or even just a mellow vibe glide in typical daily surf, the RETRO TRIPPER will deliver. Glassed standard with single sided opaque laminations and minimalist logos, for a stylistically mellow 70’s gold than an in your face, 80’s bold.