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Fin System

Is it possible to make an all time fave even better? Thats the question…and the challenge. The Puddle Jumper was a genre defining game changer and one of the most popular small wave hybrids of all time. With a plethora of knock-offs and our own growing line up of spin- offs, its evolution and popularity continues. More than a decade in, we still receive custom orders for original Puddle Jumpers, almost daily.

The PUDDLE JUMPER-STING is inspired by our long time Puddle Jumper collaboration with LIB-Tech, which features a winged squash tail version of the original Puddle Jumper.  We wanted to build on this design and take it a step further, incorporating the iconic STING design element. The insertion of the STING came together naturally and with ease. Looking like it always belonged. One of our widest and most stable/playful plan-shapes has now been radicalized with the STING. Placed at 18” (roughly 1/4 up from the tail) it immediately looked like a perfect fit. Enabling a sharper, tighter and more intense turning fulcrum, into this easy riding, playful fun machine. One of the limitations of exceedingly wide hybrids has always been that they are easy to enjoy, but difficult to get truly radical on.

The same problem solving that brought the STING to prominence, nearly 50 years ago, is re-applied here, to the OG Puddle Jumper, with amazing results. Bertlemann will love it and Buttons would be stoked!