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5'4 Lost CA Pin Twin clear

$ 795.00 USD
Fin System

The all new, California Pin is a natural extension of the wildly popular California Twin.

A design collaboration between the legendary, 4x World Champion surfer/shaper, Mark Richards and @LostSurfboards, Matt “Mayhem” Biolos. The CaliforniaTwin, with its winged swallow tail, wide forward outline, low entry rocker and deep single to double concave bottom, quickly became a favorite for a wide array of skill level surfers. From up n coming Pros, to aging Bros, it’s been a resounding success, around the world. As time goes on, multiple requests for customizing the design for greater performance and confidence in a wider range of waves, started coming from passionate CaTwin converts.

The Ca Pin is the result of those custom orders and requests. A souped up and slightly sleeked out, all-around performance vehicle, with stock dims designed to be ridden 1-2” longer than the original Ca Twin.

Not a true step up, but more of a bridge-gap between squatty/speedy fish and a proper performance shortboard, equally at home in punchy, stomach-high shories or running overhead reef passes and point breaks.

To do this, we began with the Ca Twin and…

  • Lengthened 1”, subtlety increased nose rocker and gently pulled in the forward 1/3 of the outline.
  • Added some thickness though the center line, to maintain paddle power , but rolled the deck line, to maintain a modest rail.
  • Pulled in the “hips” of the outline, between the feet, and changed the tail to its name defining, forgiving, rounded pin.

These changes make for a fast, forgiving and precise board, with a continuous curve outline that expands on the range of functionality of the original. What we did not change, however, was the iconic MR Twin+trailer fin layout, design and positioning, nor the wicked fast and fun, single to double concave bottom curves.