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Summer Jet

About Summer Jet surfboards:

All summer jet surfboards are designed on computers and cut on a CNC (computer controlled) shaping machine. Then they are all finished by the same shaper, Bill Gieger, an expert in the field, with over thirty years of shaping experience. This way we have compete control over every detail of the design of each board. We use the best materials made, including; US Blanks, Aerialite fiberglass, Silmar resin, and FCS II fin boxes. Standard on every board are carbon fiber reinforced rails on the tails, a 4oz patch on the bottom around the fin boxes, and a glossed and wet sanded finish, all intended to make the most durable boards possible. The standard bottom on our boards, unless otherwise noted, is a single concave in the middle of the board, going into a single concave with a double inside it between the front fins and ending with a slight double concave ā€œVā€ at the tail. This bottom gives the best combination of lift, or speed, and control. Each design has different amounts of concave and ā€œVā€ but the basics are the same. You can change anything you want. Custom orders are welcome!

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